Reptile room is currently undergoing a refit so reptile are limited during this time. 


cheapest live food for reptiles in the area

black crickets, silent crickets, locust,

meal worms, mario worms, wax worms

all £1.40 per tub or 4 tubs for £5!!!!

 at myPET we strive to have the best

selection for exotic pets in the area.

we have a huge room dedicated to

livestock which contains many different

species from bearded dragons, geckos,

snakes, spiders, chameleons and

many other unsuals pets.

we also stock large range of

substrate bedding, vivariums, hides and

all heating and lighting accessories.

 reptile isle reptile room 
 frozen reptile food is availble including  pinkies, fuzzies, mice, rats and chicks.